Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Preparing to Travel

Dear All,

It is Tuesday morning, and I have the feelings this morning of 
"preparing to travel" once again.   

In human reality I'll be traveling tomorrow evening to Los Angeles for a spiritual conference, presentations, a book-signing, and private clients.   
Yet, in spiritual truth we are all preparing to travel or are already traveling.

This is a high, exciting, and 'jumbled' time.   Please continue to hold on.  

We experienced a powerful full moon in Leo last evening with a lunar eclipse.  Even more, I believe energy is heightening moment by moment.  Each of you is a blessings to the universe.   You KNOW what is truth....that you are a soul traveling the pathway of humanness toward a destination that will hold bright Light and warmth.  Do not let the rocks in the road deter you.

Please honor and communicate with your guides, teachers, masters, and angels.  They are always present for you.

Many of you are tied into my new book that has just been published:
Bringing Your Soul to Light:  Healing through Past Lives and the Time Between

Honor the wisdom of past lives and the soul period.

With Great Luv and Blessing,   Linda