Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Blessings of a New Year

Good Morning Everyone....
I would like to share with you a link to a powerful video that demonstrates the truth that We are All One.   

As you know, the Hopi and the Maya are ancient cultures.   In this New Year 2009 we are offered the golden opportunity to release prejudice, hatred, marginalizing and come to accept that each of us is one and the same.   If you view others as 'siblings', no matter whether you are comfortable with their behavior or not,  your response to them will be more accepting.  

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Let me close by saying that my book is now available for purchase.   You can go to:
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May you be blessed in 2009....With Luv, L


lvweiland said...

A great video clip. I hope someone in my soul group is there. It also gives me chicken skin that it looks like more are remembering we are one and I think when enough remember we will shift ...very exciting

lvweiland said...

Thank you for such a moving book. It is difficult to put in words what I am feeling as I read. It is like part of me knows it at such a deap level.
I am truly blessed and glad I found you and your book. It really confirms I am on the right path.
thank you.