Sunday, December 14, 2008

Connecting the Dots----in various ways

Hello Bryan and Violet!

How wonderful to find both of your comments....thank you.

I so believe that telling our own story provides a more in-depth understanding to others of who we truly are.  At the same time, we spark each other's spiritual process by sharing our experiences.

Violet, I visited your blog and discovered that you and I have both traveled to some amazing places in Scotland.   Simply by traveling to powerful locations on the planet can enhance our journey of awakening.  We attach to the energy of a 'place' where perhaps we've lived before.   I share your love of Iona....where I could have stayed for days.  For those of you who do not know.....the Isle of Iona in Scotland has a very ancient monastery where the mix of Celtic mysticism began to merge with early Christianity.  

To all of you reading this blog, please ask me any question.   No question is inappropriate or strange.   If you have the question on your mind, then I bet that others have the same question and hesitate to ask.   So, fire away!!

Have a lovely week as we build to Winter Solstice in just one week.

Many Blessings, Linda


violetismycolor said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the response to my comment. I had a Between Lives Regression from you last year in Portland, Oregon.

Our three kids have all spent at least part of their college education at St. Andrew's and we have visited Scotland 3 times in the last 5 years, as a result. We try to see a different part of the country each time. And my husband has Scottish lineage, so we have been there a few more times than that.

I find that I love Scotland more each time I visit. But I also had a set of past life dreams that I placed as somewhere in Scotland.

In the first dream, I was a little girl of about 6 years old. I 'know' that I am the daughter of the owners of this big Georgian-style house were we live. I have no siblings, so my friends are the children of the staff. There are 4 of them that are in my age range. I see us playing on a hill above the house, looking down on it. I can see the ha-ha (a ditch dug to keep stock away from the house). We children sneak in the back of the house and I am leading the way. I am trying to avoid adults, so that we can get food from the kitchen. I see my mother from the back...I have the most vivid image of her walking away in a blue skirt with black boots, petticoat flashing about her heels.
My name is Susan, and the year is about 1905.

In a second dream, I am going into the 'Cook's Parlor', where Mrs. Mayandahl (phonetic spelling there) gives me a fat wedge of hot bread and hot milk in a wide porcelain cup with no handles.

There are a couple of more dreams, but you get the gist of how explicit they are. Amazing. But I wish I could find my 'house'.

--Diane Calhoun

Linda Backman said...

Hi Diane....
I have the strong sense that you WILL find your house. As you know, if you are meant to find it, then you will.

Keep tuning into your intuitive guidance from your guides and teachers. They will assist.

With Blessings, Linda