Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Moods

It is the morning of December 25.   For many this is Christmas morning; for others it is the morning of day 5 of the 8 days of Hannukah; it is also Kwanza; and we are 4 days post Winter Solstice.  The beauty of lengthening days of greater light has begun.

During the last couple of days I can feel in my body, and in my emotions, that we're leading toward (notice I didn't say heading, because I truly believe that those of us reading this blog are 'leading'!) New Times.   These expansive times are a stretch for many.   Yet, I so believe that we'll find ourselves and more people coming to believe that we ARE a Soul having a human experience, one lifetime to the next.

I suspect you already feel a 'stretching' within yourself and in others.   Both in October and December I had a respiratory virus, of sorts.   The first 'illness' left me without my normal voice for was a great frustration to me.   Since I don't get sick very often, I knew there was something more happening than simply a garden variety virus.  Last week I had another 'head cold' with laryngitis.  "What's up?",  I said to myself.  With some fabulous healing herbs (WishGarden products from Boulder CO) and a nasal cleanse, Neti Pot, miraculously my voice was back in 48 hours, and I was on the mend.

I've also noticed a bit more agitation, especially at night.   This ALL tells me that I and we are being prepped for another heightening shift.  

So, hang I KNOW this is all good.  Surely, each of you knows the old phrase, "No Pain, No Gain".   Well, this is the case.  

If you just 'lead into' into the alteration and expansion of energy.....all will be well.   

This week I worked with three different clients who each needed a tune up!  For one, she was told that she is NOT from here, and her experience of dealing with life here is, at times, challenging, yet so very purposeful.  For another, we did some literal Soul Retrieval/energetic cleanse via the phone which brought forward a letting go of past hurt and trauma.  

Each of you is here at this time for very profound purpose.   Lead into that purpose, and you will continue to KNOW the why of your present life.

I wish each of you great Blessings of the Season.   Remember the Unity of Oneness that is shared by us All.

In Light and Luv, Linda


Soul Secrets Unveiled said...

Yes.. Linda... those pesky ascension symptoms.. I have a list of my own but appreciate hearing that I'm not alone. Thanks for your update.

lvweiland said...

And I thought I was alone in my aggitation and other thoughts. I am finally soready to move forward. I glad there are others to assist me.