Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday 10-13-2009

To Each of You---
Yesterday was a day I will be focused upon for a very long time. The entire day was
spent in and around Haifa Israel---on the Mediterranean Sea. This is a city where
the Arab population and the Jewish population have a copacetic relationship. This is the
city that sits on Mt Carmel where the Essene community of Jeshua's existence occurred.
The Bahai faith based on Unity is also here. Soon, I'll be including or directing you to a different link for pictures where your own eyes can see.

What we found yesterday was the early Carmelite order which developed out of the Essenes. In their emblem we find both the Star of David and the Cross. We have literally experienced the segue of the Hebrews and early Christians. There is much more to tell---please revisit my blog each day to discover more of our journey.
With Great Luv, Linda

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