Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Winds of Change

Dear Ones-
I'm wondering if you're feeling the winds of change? Even last night there were literally strong winds here in the Boulder CO area. I notice many of my fears surfacing and numerous nights with strong energetics that keep me from falling into sleep or remaining asleep.
I KNOW that we're feeling battered about as we are cleansed, shifted, altered, and prepped for the co-creation of the new humanity. You're probably like me, where at times the stresses and strains of this newness can be immensely challenging. Then I have the insight to KNOW that all is well and just as it needs to be---as we are climbing the mountain of the new world order.
Do not despair---brightness is definitely on the horizon. Now, I'm wondering-what are those of you reading this blog feeling??
with Great Luv, Linda

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